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Easy and stress free activities to do at home

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Making a coffee pdf

Making 2-minute noodles pdf

Cutting an apple pdf

Making a hot chocolate pdf

Making a cup of soup pdf

Making a cup of noodles pdf

Making a toasted sandwich pdf

Making a milkshake pdf

Making a sandwich with choices pdf

Making a hot or cold milo pdf

Making a cup of tea pdf

Making cereal pdf

Making toast with choices pdf

Setting the table pdf

Stacking the dishwasher pdf

Unstacking the dishwasher pdf


Getting dressed after swimming boy pdf

Getting dressed after swmming girl pdf

Getting dressed for the pool boy pdf

Getting dressed boy pdf

Getting dressed for cold weather pdf

Getting undressed boy pdf

Getting dressed girl pdf

Getting dressed for warm weather pdf


Washing face pdf

Washing hands pdf

Using the toilet wearing undies pdf

Shower pdf

Using the toilet wearing pull-ups pdf

Finished in shower pdf

Changing a sanitary pad pdf

Do poo on toilet pdf

Brushing your hair male pdf

Brushing your hair girl pdf

Brushing your hair into a ponytail pdf

Brushing teeth pdf


Taking care of my device at school pdf

Getting off the bus pdf