Early Education Program

The Early Education Program at Croydon SDS provides small group play based sessions for children aged 2.8 – 4.8 years of age on the first of January in the year of enrolment with significant developmental delays or diagnosed disabilities. Qualified staff work in partnership with families to write goals and teachers plan programs to suit the individual needs of each child. Communication with parents is regular and communication is also made with preschools and child care centres.

Primary Section

The Primary Section caters for students aged 5 – 12 years. The transition from our Early Education Program to our school aged programs is seamless and continues to cater for the diverse needs of students.

Secondary Section

The Secondary Section caters for students aged 12 – 16 years. The secondary program gives students opportunities to choose a variety of electives each term.  There is also a focus on developing student’s leadership skills and independence. 

Transition Section

The Transition Section caters for students aged 16 – 18 years. Our Pathways program includes preparation for work activities, travel training, work experience, horticulture, hospitality – cooking, Cafe Treats, lunch order program, a range of leisure options and volunteering opportunities to prepare students for post-school options. 


Croydon SDS has a committed, dedicated staff that comprises of special education teachers, education support staff, a speech pathologist, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a school nurse, and a family support coordinator. A multidisciplinary approach is used with therapists working in partnership with teachers to support students to access their educational programs.